Grayville Falls Town Park: Hebron, CT

Name: Grayville Falls Town Park

Location: Amston/Hebron, CT

Difficulty (for little feet): Easy!

Summary: It's officially Fall, which means we don't have to dodge the midday sun in fear of burning and heatstroke! It means cool mornings and pleasant evenings and the most scenic time of year to take to the woods with your tribe. This hike I can't recommend enough. In fact, it's more of a quick walk, then plan to just hang around for a while.

Big E has been on a waterfall kick lately, so I did a quick search to see if there was anything worth visiting nearby, after all, it's going to be quite hard to beat places like Bash Bish Falls and Wadsworth Falls...but I didn't want to spend four hours in the car today so I was determined to find something in the Greater Hartford area. 

That being said, I was blown away at what I saw in Hebron today. Full disclaimer: I love the Glastonbury and Hebron area...rolling Connecticut hills, orchards galore, and that New England charm we've come to adore. So I was that much more pleased to stumble upon this quiet little park that packed everything your kids could possibly want in a waterfall hike.

Once you get to the lot, you can go through the gate and follow a short trail to the bottom of the falls, or you can cross the field which will spit you out at the top of the cascade. We went to the bottom and worked our way up the falls. Yes, you read that right, you get to walk up the waterfall because the multilayered, relatively gentle slope of bedrock is fully exposed along the side of the falls (at least when we went). It's easy to climb, even for little feet. Just be sure to hold the little one's hand because some of the rocks by the water can be a little slippery.

There are a few picnic tables, some in disrepair, and a few relics that used to be charcoal grills, so bring some snacks and spend the day! 

When you're done, head over to one of myriad orchards (We love Roses Berry Farm and got some apples and gourds at Belltown Hill Orchards today) or stop by So. G's Coffee Roasters...