Day Trippin': Buell's Orchards, Eastford, CT

Name: Buell's Orchard

Location: Eastford, CT

Difficulty (for little feet): Easy!

Summary: It's not quite Fall yet (oh so soon!) but a good friend invited me and the boys to Buell's Orchard- founded in 1889- and I thought it would be a great way to spend a hot summer day. When I've come here in the past, it's been on Columbus Day weekend when they have fresh caramel apples, hayrides and fun for everyone.

In the Summer, the scene is slower and more relaxed. The orchard store front is quaint and very New England, complete with pickled veggies, fresh veggies and fruit, and trinkets (and homemade apple cider donuts!) 

Blueberries are in season, so we each got a small bucket and set off down the rows of blueberry bushes, full of large juicy berries. Of course, with the kids, more berries went in the mouth than the bucket, but regardless, we walked away with enough for a whole blueberry pie!

A quick trip to the store for the pie ingredients and in a few hours after fumbling our way around the kitchen, my good friend and I produced exceedingly delicious blueberry pies. We surprised ourselves but really lend all the credit to the fresh blueberries from Buell's. 

The drive out to Buell's is almost worthwhile in itself as you pass by CT woodlands and, depending on your direction, by Bigelow Hollow State Park.  Bring a picnic basket and stop by bigelow before or after to make it a whole day trip!

If you're looking for a great local orchard, be sure to check out Buell's, you won't be disappointed!