Wadsworth Falls State Park: Middletown, CT

Name: Wadsworth Falls State Park

Location: Middletown, CT (721 Wadsworth St, Middlefield, CT)

Difficulty Level (for little feet): Easy/Medium

Summary: This was one of our highlight hikes. Eli and Sam fell in love with the massive waterfall and spent hours playing in the shallows not far from the pounding water.

Though there are a few miles of trails according to their map, we didn't hike much since I ended up parking relatively close to the falls in the first place. That wasn't my intent but after a few hundred feet of woods, we walked down the dirt path that opened up to the base waters which was a broad and shallow river and were hooked. What a great spot! Judging by the thunderous noise from where we parked, I had high expectation (and wasn't let down!)

The kids were totally free to play here and wade up and down the river as much as they wanted. Like I said...it was shallow and safe. We might return at some point to hike upriver but the falls are supposed to be the highlight so if you're looking for a place to plant yourself for a while, this will work just fine. 

Since you're in Middletown, you can make a day of this trip by heading over to a spectacular kids place called Kid City. It's less than 10 minutes away and you'll be greeted with three floors of endless play. For a reasonable fee you can spend hours exploring the fishery, the castle and myriad other themed rooms. There are lots of restaurants in the area so if you find something good, leave it in the comments! I'm a big fan of Eli Cannon's but it's not necessarily a kids place (though I've taken E there before). 

Bring a bathing suit and some bug spray when you go to the falls, you'll probably need them!