Valley Falls Park: Vernon, CT

Name: Valley Falls Park

Location: Vernon, CT 

Difficulty level (for little feet): Easy

Summary: Valley Falls Park is minutes from where I live and I was totally surprised at what a great place it is to bring the kids for a quick jaunt. Easy hiking and you can make it as long or short as you want based on the trails you choose. There's a beach area with trails taking off from the left and the right. We went to the right, across a small red bridge, and chose to follow the stream rather than loop the pond.  

easy path for little feet

easy path for little feet

Elijah's favorite part was the scramble we saw immediately to our right. He raced up, hand over foot, while I timed him. Sam could freely walk these gentle trails, too. There are occasional spurts of tree roots but other than that this was a hike doable for two-years-old and up. The tree cover kept us nice and cool and there were plenty of spots to go off into the nearby stream to dig for treasure. 

Based on a google search, it looks like there are some waterfalls on one of the trails but we didn't get that far. It's worth going back to explore sometime and is a great easy trip for people in the area. Not sure I'd drive any distance for this hike, even though it was pleasant. Plus, you can take a dip at the end in the pond if you want.

Side note: I think they charge $5 per car in the summer but we were there early enough to avoid the fee. I'm not a big fan of paying to get into nature so if this bothers you, there are plenty of other places to check out!