Day Trippin': New Site!


New website. No pressure.

Actually, I'm serious. This is the first project I've taken on in a while that is just for fun. There's no connection to business, no clients to please, n o schedule to maintain, just a lot of posts about trips that I take with my family around Connecticut and lower New England.

The plan is simple: tell you about the trips we take and whether you should check out some of the spots for yourself. Most of the reviews will cover hiking trails, parks, waterfalls and stuff away from the TV and computer screen. But there will be museums, aquariums, and kid-friendly spots that are worth checking out, too.

This whole thing started when I found myself unemployed near the beginning of 2015. While searching for a new job I had all this time with my two boys and I decided to make the most of it. I've always been an outdoorsy type myself, and if I had my druthers, my kids will inherit that love for the wild and all that comes with it. I vowed to take the kids to at least one park per week, and without being too strict, we've been doing that pretty well since March.

I believe there are a lot of restrictions and fears around raising kids these days. The age of information sharing has everyone afraid of what's in the air, what's in the food, and what other people will think about your kids and your parenting. Enough already. Let your kid poke the bug with a stick. They'll be okay...really. The only parenting input that I will ever EVER talk about here is the need to get the hell away from the screen. Our kids needs to see the world, breathe the air, play in our rivers, learn about the trees and which leaf is a Maple vs. and Oak.

Okay, that being said, let's kick this off with our most recent trip to a local favorite spot of mine, Cotton Hollow nature Preserve in Glastonbury, CT.