Bluff Point State Park: Groton, CT

Name: Bluff Point State Park

Location: Groton, CT (Depot Rd, Groton, CT)

Difficulty Level (for Little Feet): Easy

Summary: I went to Bluff Point years ago and rode the single track inland on my bike but never got to this view. Years later, I was totally impressed by the result of our trek! I always love heading down to the CT shoreline and this was no disappointment.

As you can see in the picture above, the end to this walk/hike is a stunning beach with crystal clear water (at least when I went in early spring). This is an easy family-friendly hike with the only challenge being that it's a bit of a long haul if you have one kid in your arms and the other on your back (Eli was particularly tired this day). I encourage my kids to try to push to the end but sometimes, they're just tired. I guess they are only like...3 feet tall, so that's okay!

The parking area puts you right at a great shallow inlet with calm water and picnic tables. So bring a picnic to start if you want (see below). You'll probably see some people walking around with buckets and funny looking rakes, those are people digging for clams. Might be something to look into someday. The hike to the bluff is about  1.5 miles-ish. So it's a decent way for little feet.

The main path is wide and hardback with gentle rolls but no serious incline or declines. Might want to bring a kid carrier for this one just because of the distance. This isn't a secluded spot...lots of other families, bikers, dogs, etc. but surprisingly, not a lot of people went to the end of the trail where your view opens to see the whole bluff. Beautiful. And the entrance to the beach is about 30 feet of just little crushed shells...very cool. Kids can play on the beach for a while here. Pop open some snacks and water and relax. Bring the camera too for this one.

When you've returned to your car, follow the road straight out to Dairy Queen for some refreshments. Nearby is Harkness State Park (25 minutes) and the USS Nautilus. Head over to Mystic or just make a day of Bluff really can't go wrong!